Terms and conditions


Studio Unlock does not send any physical product nor receives devices to be unlocked. All unlock codes and factory unlocks will be delivered only to the email provided in the order. The email will contain the instructions to complete the unlock.

Order Confirmation

After placing an order Studio Unlock will send an email to the customer confirming the order was successfully placed. Please note that if the email confirmation is not received it can be because the payment was not completed or it was rejected by your bank. If the client doesn't receive such email, he/she can request further information via email or through our contact us page.

In some occasions, for security reasons, Studio Unlock will need to confirm directly with the client that the order was placed by he/she. Studio Unlock reserves the right to begin the unlock process only until the client confirms and provide the information requested.

Delivery Timeframe

The estimated delivery timeframe will vary depending on the service requested. The timeframe will depend on the carrier/brand/model requested and it is detailed in each of the product pages. Once an order is placed it is considered that the client agrees to wait such timeframe. In some instances an unlock may be delayed, in those cases the client will be notified via email.

Cancellation Policy - Cancellation Notice

Orders can be cancelled only if the order processing has not been initiated yet. If a cancellation needs to be requested, it must be done only via email to _______ or through our contact us page: _______ including the order number. Once an order has begun the unlock process it can not be canceled. Orders that have been completed can not be canceled.